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Your Cooking Lesson in Apulia

Cooking Lessons in Apulia

Welcome in Apulia, Southern Italy!

Are you ready to book your culinary date in Apulia, Southern Italy?

We are glad to announce that the new calendar for the season 2023 is open for booking your cooking lesson in Apulia. Availability starting from next April 2023 until October 2023.

Feel free to choose between two different cooking lessons plans:

– One Day Cooking Lesson

– Two Days Cooking Lesson

Availability From April 2023 – to October 2023 in Lecce, Apulia – Southern Italy*

March 2023

Have a taste of Apulia traditional dishes and local products. Come and enjoy cooking with us. The cooking lessons are run by Giuseppa, the owner and long-time travel and food blogger at Nordic Lights and Mediterranean Landscapes.

These cooking lessons and culinary classes are ideal for children and “older children”, for experiencing and tasting the ancient flavors of the poor authentic Apulia gastronomy. You are very welcome, thank you!

Total cost/one day cooking lesson is € 45 x person (all inclusive – different kinds of traditional homemade pasta fresca – dinner + wine)

Total cost/one day cooking lesson is € 30 x children (all inclusive – easy recipes + dinner)

Total cost/two days cooking lesson is €70 x person (all inclusive – Italian recipes for food lovers and gourmets + dinners + wine)

The Cooking Lesson* will take place at Sieglinde apartment (CIS: LE07503591000000616) in Lecce. Click the link if you want to book also a holiday stay at Sieglinde apartment.

We are HACCP certified

  • The cooking lesson lasts about 3/3,5 hours. Availability for 6 guests.
  • Join us for a visit by vinaries and local cellars and enjoy grape harvest 2023. Be in contact with nature and taste the ancient tradition of making good wine.
  • For more info or for booking your culinary date, you are welcome to contact us. Thank you.

Reserve your date for a culinary event or a cooking lesson in Apulia.

Please, check for availability and book your cooking lesson here

Nordic Lights & Mediterranean Landscapes
Nordic Lights and Mediterranean Landscapes

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