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A warm cup of tea for celebrating Epiphany

    The Christmas season is almost over and, while we are walking on the hours of the first days of the new year, people are there to welcome Epiphany, the last Christian celebration of this holiday season, which represents the arrival of the Magi for the adoration of Christ Child and marks the beginning of the new year. An ancient Italian tradition tells that right tonight children look patiently forward at this very special event known also as ‘Befana day’ and personified by an old little lady who, sitting astride a broomcorn, will travel nightly the starry sky, over the world, bringing small gifts and sweets to children, as hope for the new year that just began. At this proper, with a tiny spark in the eyes, our grandparents would certainly evoke, how joyful, very special moment it was to receive candies, fresh fruits and almonds, especially for those children in Italy by the times after WWII. And now as well, our thoughts are for all the children on Earth, because they have the right of dreaming about a better world.

   So tonight, let’s celebrate the arrival of Epiphany with a good cup of tea and a warm puff pastry pocket filled with tiny pieces of pears, which have been steamed for few minutes, some ‘robiola’ cheese and a sprinkle of cardamom (in the oven for about 10 min 220°C). Also our little old ‘befana’ would certainly appreciate this special treat!

Here to follow, there is an interesting reading: 11 golden rules, according to George Orwell, to make the perfect cup of tea.

 How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea: George Orwell’s 11 Golden Rules


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