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Stockholm: Enjoy a majestic view from the romantic walking path of Monteliusvägen.

Riddarholmskyrkan på Riddarholmen i Stockholm

Hello! Looking back at these pics I took some time ago, it still seems to me to feel the vibrant atmosphere of my journey in Stockholm, where, it is easy to reach places by taking the subway and then having long walks for enjoying, with traveller’s heart filled with wonder, local art, architecture, food, design, nature and people. Here, in Södermalm, firstly I got to Bellmansgatan and to the bridge made of iron, where Mariahissen is. Then, just few steps away from there, I did enjoy the magnificent view of Riddarholmskyrkan on Riddarholmen and the whole Gamla Stan from the romantic walking path of Monteliusvägen.

At the moment, while we wait to be back soon on travel, let’s keep on being safe, by taking care of ourselves and of those around us. Thank you ❤ .

2 responses to “Stockholm: Enjoy a majestic view from the romantic walking path of Monteliusvägen.”

  1. So beautiful Giuseppa. Stockholm in my heart, and soon I will travel there and cut my hair at a nice hairdresser, with a salon on Östermalm, who comes from Italy. Walking in Stockholm gives so much for both heart and brain.

    You express it so nicely and so genuinely when you write about your experiences in Stockholm and how you captured the city so beautifully in a picture, Giuseppa. / Håkan

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks. Håkan. Let’s hope to have the chance to travel safely and be in Stockholm again for enjoying its beautiful nature, art, landscapes and people. Wishing you a good day 🙏✨


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