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  • god morgon, kanelbullar
  • Tomten är vaken, Astrid Lindgren
  • Dekorera julbordet med en bukett av paprika
  • candles II advent
  • Apples, advent 1st, decor
  • Jul på Skansen, Stockholm
  • Jul på Skansen, Stockholm
  • Jul på Skansen, Stockholm
  • Glad Lucia, Lussekatter
  • hembakat bröd

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Hello! This early morning it was still dark outside when we lit the fourth candle of Advent up. Soon, everything became brighter and brighter as the day light came and in the kitchen, coffee, still gurgling in the moka, happily spread its aroma in the air.

The fourth candle is to announce the arrival and celebration of Christmas by the end of the new starting week and, at this proper, it is our big desire to express our best wishes to our friends, followers and their own families for a safe merry Christmas. 🎄 ❤

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