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Pancakes or waffles?

Welcome, April! Everywhere it is a triumph of colors and new blooms and the mild temperatures, which Spring is offering, are a gentle invitation to have nice invigorating walks into nature in a contemplative mood.

It is gonna be the first weekend of April and, for the occasion, I wondered what I would like to have for brunch. Spring did inspire for some delicious soft pancakes and golden waffles, where ingredients inside harmonize in a festive culinary representation of the awakening of nature.

At this proper, in the smooth batter for pancakes I added tiny pieces of fresh vegetables like sweet red peppers, delicious Portobello mushrooms, crisp zucchini and carrot, red onion, garlic. Then, between a pancake and an other, I added petals of crudo ham and there I melted some Asiago cheese.

As for the waffles, I served them with whipped milk cream and mascarpone, a syrup prepared with mashed raspberries caramelized with raw brown sugar and, in the end, I added a sprinkle of icing sugar and cardamom on top.

According to a peculiar preference for salt or sweet tastes, I guess you have got your own recipe for making the best thick batter for pancakes and waffles with delicious ingredients and a touch creativity.

Can you tell, how would you like to have your pancakes or waffles?

Wishing everybody a beautiful weekend! 🥞🧇🍓🍒☕🧀❤

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