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Carrot bundt cake: a heart of deliciousness

Yesterday, it was a beautiful afternoon in the kitchen making and baking one of my best preferred cakes, that is a carrot bundt cake. My aunt taught me about this delicacy when I was very young and even though there are many versions of it to get inspiration from, the one I like best is prepared with fresh crisp carrots and hazelnuts. The fragrance of the two ingredients mixed together is very delicate, inviting and the recipe is easy.

As for the ingredients to make a small carrot bundt cake like I did (in a 16 x 16 x h 6 cm pan) you need 2 small eggs, 85g sugar, 100g all purpose flour, 25g potato starch, 125g carrots, 60g butter, 20g hazelnuts, 8g baking powder, icing sugar.

The making of the carrot bundt cake is really simple:

1. Mix and whisk sugar and eggs all together in a big bowl until the mixture will be well whipped. 2. Peel the carrots and mince them. (I grated them by hand at first and then minced all together with the hazelnuts in the food processor). 3. Slowly, add flour, baking powder, potato starch and butter. 4. Mix all together, add minced carrots and hazelnuts (you may use almonds, if you prefer) and keep on mixing until you will have a smooth thick creamy mixture.

Pour the mixture in a greased baking pan and place it in the oven (180° C) for about 40 minutes. Then leave the carrot bundt cake to cool on a grill. Decor your carrot bundt cake the way you prefer, by using icing sugar or a cheese cream for example, or by making a glaze made of chocolate or lemon juice. My carrot bundt cake was decorated simply with fresh strawberries and no more sugar.

Take your time to enjoy a cup of good coffee or tea and a piece of carrot bundt cake in good company of family and friends.

See also an other recipe of mines prepared with carrots as main ingredient. Thank you ❤ .

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