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  • god morgon, kanelbullar
  • Tomten är vaken, Astrid Lindgren
  • Dekorera julbordet med en bukett av paprika
  • candles II advent
  • Apples, advent 1st, decor
  • Jul på Skansen, Stockholm
  • Jul på Skansen, Stockholm
  • Jul på Skansen, Stockholm
  • Glad Lucia, Lussekatter
  • hembakat bröd

From Stockholm Photography Gallery Page

af Chapman: the picture of this magnificent ship and the stunning view of the Stockholm skyline at dark was taken before the recent renovation works.

For those who are in love with naval design, this majestic ship is “af Chapman” formerly Dunboyne (1888–1915) in honor of the shipbuilder and officer of Swedish Navy, Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, considered to be the first naval architect for his pioneering work in modern naval architecture Tractat om Skepps-Byggeriet (1775) and author of Architectura Navalis Mercatoria (1768).

4 responses to “From Stockholm Photography Gallery Page”

  1. Underbart vacker bild du skapat av fartyget och av Stockholm. Jag reser till Stockholm om ett par dagar för att njuta av staden i mitt hjärta.

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