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In the season of pomegranates

It all started last Spring, when I saw those beautiful gem flowers delicately flourishing up on our tree in the garden. Day by day, they silently were quite well along branches and among shining, small, green leaves. Then, I wondered if it was going to be a good season for the pomegranate fruits.


Even though we had an incredibly very hot Summer and the pomegranate tree didn’t receive much water like used to have quite almost every day in the past Summers, its fruits kept on growing and got ripe well. So, just few days ago, I started with picking pomegranates up from the tree and, with surprise, reaped a bigger crop than ever.

My old Moulinex juice centrifuge does an excellent work to have fresh, genuine, sweet pomegranate juice in a very quick way at any time of the day. What is more, in the middle of the week, I enjoyed to make the first pomegranate jelly of the season by using also apple juice for its natural properties as natural thickening agent (pectin) and lemon juice as natural preservative to keep better long-life conservation against oxidation process.


Last night, I baked and served after dinner some warm crisp vol au vents made of puff pastry and filled with lemon curd and small grains of pomegranate. They are small delicacies, which are perfect as light dessert for your guests.

Many thanks, let’s enjoy a good start in the new last October week! 🙂

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