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A pink marguerites daisies bouquet to celebrate December 8th

Last Spring, I enjoyed gardening and planted tiny delicate marguerites in the green terrace. They looked so pretty with their lively colors. At the beginning of the Autumn season, I moved them on the front street balcony in order to stay much longer in the sun during the day, while I could enjoy their bright view from the bedrooms and the studio.

Today, on December 8th, I am glad to see that bouquets of yellow, pink, orange, purple marguerites daisies on the balcony keep on blooming vigorously and shining for greeting the beginning of this new Christmas season and celebrations.

My warm wishes of a blessed Christmas season for all of you and your dearest ones. 🎄❤✨

3 responses to “A pink marguerites daisies bouquet to celebrate December 8th”

  1. Jag vet ju att du kan lite svenska … ett härligt bildspel med många godsaker … och dessa fantastiska blommor! Ljuvliga!
    Önskar dig en fin december … I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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