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Cocoa, pears and ricotta cheese cake

All around the table for enjoying a piece of cake prepared with ricotta cheese, pears, cocoa and in good company of a warm cup of coffee or tea. It tastes like a warm hug made of dark chocolate, deliciously paired with the freshness of pears and the creamy consistency of the ricotta cheese. It is delicately crisped on the surface, there is no much sugar inside, it melts like butter in your mouth. This cake is the dessert I chose to bake for the weekend. Does anybody want to try to make it?

Let’s have a look at its ingredients and description.

Firstly, I whipped two egg yolks, 125 gr sugar and then added 250 gr ricotta cheese. Secondly, I kept on mixing and whipping and added 50 gr all purpose flour, 8 gr baking powder and small pieces of pears. Thirdly, I added two egg whites whipped until stiff and, by rotating the wrist from bottom to top, I gave air and lightness to the mixture. Fourthly, I greased and floured a (18 cm) hinged mould and poured the first half of the mixture in it. Then poured also the second half after having added a generous spoon of cocoa in this latter. Finally, I placed the cake to bake in the oven (180° C) for about 45/50 minutes. I alternated in the baking process using the functions of both static and ventilated oven and, as you can see by the pics and confirmed by who had a taste of the cake, the result was excellent.

I wish to enjoy a piece of cake with family and friends and a good weekend to everybody 🍰☕🙂❤

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