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Home made pasta and cauliflower: culinary delicacies for the Summer table.

Summer is the season for the open air living, but we can also apply this concept by stretching space right in the place where we live, enjoying gardening and our own growings, even in a small verandah, a green terrace or a balcony, throughout the year. So, the outdoor space, no more seen only as “accessory”, becomes that privileged cosy corner for enjoying our meals with family and friends.

At Summertime, there is a plenty of fresh genuine local produces that we can use and flex for serving delicious, fast, easy or elaborate dishes at our table, according to personal taste and creativity we love to express in that magic place we call kitchen.

We start this new July week, making a fast and easy recipe, which has few main ingredients: 1. home made pasta, 2. cauliflower, 3. tomatoes.

As for 1. pasta you can opt of course for a different size and (artisan or industrial?) production. In this case, for making home made pasta, we chose semolina and kamut flour. 2. Small crisp tasted cauliflowers were cooked for few minutes in the steamer basket (without adding salt for preserving their whiteness and “al dente” taste). Then, after being drained, their cooking process kept in a hot pan, for a couple of minute, with extra virgin olive oil, a hint of garlic and thinely sliced turkey breast. A sprinkle of salt was added only in the end. 3. In the meanwhile, excellent red pulpy cherry tomatoes were grilled in the oven (180°C) for few minutes and then added in the pan of cauliflowers to create a well balanced taste among the different ingredients.

In the end, home made pasta was cooked into salted boiling water, drained and sauted in the pan with the other ingredients and little water from its cooking process.

As you can see, this dish was served with sprigs of thyme, but you can also try with a sprinkle of parmigiano reggiano for example.

Wishing everybody a good new July week 🙂

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